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RIDE and DRY: odpověď na otázku, jak sušit vlhké a mokré oblečení na vašich cestách!

Nový RIDE and DRY vak je výsledkem zkušeností společnosti AMPHIBIOUS ve světě high-tech doplňků a revoluční technické membrány Guglatech, společnosti specializující se na extrémní filtraci.

ROZMĚRY - otevřené (š x v): 34 x 44 cm
ROZMĚRY - zavřené (š x v): 44 x 6 cm
HMOTNOST: 180g (prázdné)

Objem: cca 6l

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Hmotnost (kg) 0.180
Objem (l) 6
Rozměry (š x v x h) 34 x 44 / 44 x 6 cm

Více informací

The new RIDE and DRY technical bag is the result of Amphibious's experience in the world of high-tech handbags and the revolutionary technical membranes of Guglatech, a company specialized in extreme filtration.

Thanks to its innovative and exclusive concept, the RIDE and DRY bag allows the best air and ventilation during shifts, thus protecting dust and dirt.

The double layer made of a lightweight, durable protective mesh and the innovative Guglatech® HP3D membrane creates a perfect shell to wipe both intimate and technical clothing on the go. With RIDE and DRY never more clothes hanging on the bike to dry during the day or in suitcases, risking mold and smells.

Air exchange coupled with the robustness and active protection of the bag will avoid creating odors, stagnating washing water, or getting dust and dirt on the clothes.

The bag is characterized by high strength Nylon belts and D-ring rings for easy attachment over soft or rigid bags. Fastening can also be done easily using the MULTI-FIX system kit.

In addition, a velcro labyrinth closure has been designed to prevent any passage of dust or other from the opening and result in reduced footprint when RIDE and DRY is placed in the handbags of the bike.

The careful selection of materials and assemblies make RIDE and DRY maintenance easy even after challenging trips. Just use a common non-aggressive cleanser for quick hand washing. The bag will dry in no time and will be ready for use again.

RIDE and DRY comes with a Nylon wire featuring hooks and slider controls to hang linen after washing on arrival. The next day all will come in the bag and during the journey drying will continue on the bike.

Other characteristics:

  • Open product dimensions (AxL): 34x44 cm.
  • Closed product dimensions (AxD): 44x6 cm.
  • Maximum useful volume: approx. 6 lt.
  • Weight without accessories: 180
  • Labyrinth closure with Velcro
  • Cordura belts and D-rings for fastening on the bike.
  • High air and water permeability with excellent protection against fine dust and contaminants thanks to the Guglatech® HP3D membrane.
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons and oils.
  • Hand washable.
  • It is advisable to wash it before use.

Color: Black / White